Tasty Promotions

We’ll provide you and your business with
 the perfect chocolate gift for an elegant “Thank You!” 
to your clients or employee awards for a job well done.

Customized chocolate gifts designed to your specifications. Our unique gift packages are made to order and sent with a personal note from you. These delicious gifts are the perfect way to thank a client, promote your business or encourage referrals. Chocolate is a great way to market your business. Create a lasting impression of your company, and warm the hearts of those who receive them. For corporate giveaways, this is the “tasteful” way to expand your bottom line.

 Chocolate products included in our gifts are only the finest quality and best tasting Belgian chocolates in the world.

 We’ll send to your client list yet, keep that list, confidential.

 Exact pricing will vary, depending on the items included in the gift package we design with you.

 Below are just a few sample corporate gifts. To design your corporate gift, contact us via email info@chocoladevanbrugge.com or call 1-480-721-7363.

  • Chocolate dipping
  • Wine pairing
  • Beer pairing
  • Waffle bar with fresh liege waffles
  • Dipping and waffle buffet

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