You may be wondering, what is all the hype between crepes and pancakes? In the American sense, crepes are a type of a very thin pancake. European crepes are wafer-thin and are folded and stuffed with a variety of toppings. In fact, they can be either sweet or savory. Serve them with ice cream or fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth, or fill them with mushrooms, cheese, and spinach for a savory meal. However you decide to eat your crepe, there are plenty of options to delight your taste buds. Crepes are also very flexible since they can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on what your favorite toppings are. They are also the ‘go-to’ fast food choice of Europeans.


American pancakes can either be a) thick and spongy or b) light and fluffy. They can never be as thin as crepes since pancake batter is commonly lumpy to produce a thicker cake. Pancakes are very popular in America, but are only served as breakfast. They are commonly served with butter and syrup or fruit, but have limited toppings compared to crepes. Pancakes cannot be folded or stuffed with toppings, and are culturally eaten at breakfast (or at dinner if you prefer the common ‘breakfast for dinner’ option).

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