You may be wondering, “What does a swan have to do with Chocolade van Brugge chocolate shop?” Well, the swan is a major symbol of the city of Bruges in Belgium. Legend has it that in 1488 the people of Bruges had executed one of the town administrators, Pieter Lanchals, which also means “long neck.” He belonged to the court of Maximilian of Austria, the husband and successor of Duchess Mary of Burgundy. Upset that the civilians had murdered his colleague, Maximilian punished the inhabitants of Bruges by forcing them to keep swans on their lakes and canals for eternity. The swans signified Pieter Lanchals and his long neck. In fact, the Lanchals family coat of arms featured a white swan. Regardless of whether or not this legend is true, there are still plenty of swans that exist in Bruges today. Ever since then, the city of Bruges and swans have been inseparable. The city of Bruges is also referred to as “Swan City,” which originated from the legend. Therefore, it is only fitting that the swans are a symbol of Chocolade van Brugge. They are a romantic symbol of love, and what better way to express one’s sentiments than with authentic Belgian chocolates or Liege waffles?